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  • Construction and Engineering Service
  • Shipbuilding
  • Load Testing Crawler,Mobile crane ,Overhead crane & Certification
  • Hydro Test


RINA was founded in Genoa in 1861 under the name REGISTRO ITALIANO NAVALE, by the "Associazione della Mutua Assicurazione Marittima" (Mutual Marine Insurance Association) [established in Genoa in 1857 by ship managers and shipowners (or "ship shareholders"), to cover risks related to loss and/or damage of the hull and rigging of sailing ships], to meet the needs of Italian maritime operators, as had already occurred in Great Britain and France. Since its foundation, Registro Italiano Navale has been an instrument of support for economic development in the areas where it operates. Over 150 years later, the role of RINA has not changed but it has expanded to meet the needs of a constantly evolving international economy.


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